Is Popcorn Gluten Free?

Is Popcorn Gluten Free? Yes, popcorn is gluten free! Corn is a distinctive form of grain which does not contain any gluten whatsoever. However, cross-contamination with a gluten product may take place in the farmer’s field, in the manufacturing process, or even in your own kitchen. Popped corn contains corn, oil and maybe butter and […]

Are Twix Gluten-Free?

picture of a twix double finger chocolate bar

Are Twix Gluten-Free? NO, Twix chocolate bars are NOT gluten-free. Because Twix bars are made with a thick, traditional cookie on the base (below the caramel) it contains wheat flour in the ingredients. That means it is off limits for anyone who is Coeliac or has a gluten intolerance or allergy. If you are searching […]

Are M&M’s Gluten Free?

Are M&M’s Gluten-Free? Yes. M&M’s are gluten-free unlike Smarties, so M&M’s are the perfect alternative.  Please note: Crispy M&M’s contain barley malt extract, therefore they are not gluten-free.  If you would like to check out our full range of gluten-free sweets then you can do so by clicking the link from the menu above. Related […]

Are KitKats Gluten-Free?

Are KitKats Gluten-Free? Are KitKats® gluten free? Unfortunately they aren’t but they’re always working on new breaks that everyone can enjoy! Have you tried their KITKAT® Bunny, they’re gluten free and delicious! For more information about the range of gluten-free sweets available on this website please feel free to browse our gluten free section from […]

Is Crunchie Gluten-Free?

Is Crunchie Gluten-Free? Where can I find Crunchie Information? Is it gluten-free? Yep, Cadbury Crunchie has no gluten-containing ingredients and no ‘may contain’ warning for gluten, wheat etc. either. Here’s a link where you can read the ingredients and allergy warnings for yourself. If your looking for a great selection of gluten-free sweets then check […]

What Common Candy Is Gluten-Free?

What Common Candy Is Gluten-Free? Your guide to gluten-free candy Do you try to maintain a best gluten-free sweets diet? You may think many of your favourite foods and candies are off limits, but that’s not always the case. Many of your favourite candies might actually be gluten free. This means that the candy doesn’t […]

Are Fruitella Gluten-Free?

Are Fruitella Gluten-Free? Yes, Fruitella are classed as gluten-free sweets by the manufacturer, although Fruitella products can contain glucose syrup which may be derived from a wheat source. The official description from the Fruitella website states: “Fruittella products can contain glucose syrup, which may be derived from a wheat source but in that case it […]

Which Sweets Is Gluten-Free?

Which Sweets Is Gluten-Free? The sweets listed below are considered to be gluten-free by the manufacturers. This list does not include all the sweets that may be gluten-free, but only a very small selection. NOTE: It is important to read labels to verify that all ingredients are gluten-free, as manufacturing practices may change. Consumers are […]

List of Gluten Free Sweets

List of Gluten-Free Sweets We thought it may be of help to provide a list of gluten free sweets manufacturers. There are many companies, both large and small, that produce gluten-free confectionery but we have listed the main players in the market that can easily be found in local supermarkets, shops and online. Note: Please […]

Gluten Free Sweets UK List

Gluten Free Sweets UK List Check out our list of UK gluten-free sweets. This gluten-free sweets UK list is not exhaustive, but we have listed the majority of the most popular sweets that may be of interest to you. Note: Please always check the packaging regularly because product ingredients can change without notice or warning. […]

Best Gluten-Free Sweets

Best Gluten-Free Sweets You will be pleasantly surprised and excited to see some of your favourite sweets including Barratt Sherbert Dip Dab, Millions, Skittles, Haribo Gold Bears, and more are, in fact, gluten-free – woohoo! Note: Please always check the packaging regularly because product ingredients can change without notice or warning. Here we list our […]

Can coeliacs eat chocolate?

Can Coeliacs Eat Chocolate? Yes, coeliacs can eat chocolate but only from certain manufacturers.  Green and Blacks have a range of gluten free chocolate, including White Chocolate, Creamy Milk Chocolate, Hazlenut, Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut and Raisins. Check out the Candy Collections gluten-free sweets range which includes various Coeliac-friendly chocolate bars. Related […]

Are Skittles gluten free?

Are Skittles Gluten Free? Yes, Skittles are, in fact, both gluten free and gelatin free. The main ingredients are corn syrup and corn starch which you may think contain gluten, but they do not. If you’re looking to purchase some Skittles or other tasty gluten-free sweets then check out our gluten free section from the […]

Are smarties gluten free?

Are Smarties Gluten Free? No. Smarties are NOT gluten free in the UK due to the wheat flour used in the manufacture and could be harmful to people with Coeliac Disease.   Smarties Ingredients Sugar Skimmed Milk Powder Cocoa Mass Cocoa Butter Wheat Flour Butterfat (from Milk) Lactose and Proteins from Whey (from Milk) Rice […]

Is a Toblerone Gluten Free?

Is a Toblerone gluten free? Yes! Toblerone chocolate bars are recognised as gluten free. This can be double checked by visiting the manufacturers website where they actually confirm that the product is definitely a gluten free sweets product. Is a Toblerone gluten free? chocolate bar, dark chocolate, toblerone hack, wrong way, ice cream, white chocolate, chocolate […]

Can you buy gluten free sweets?

Can You Buy Gluten Free Sweets? Yes. Gluten free sweets are readily available to buy in the UK from many online retailers. In fact, we have a great range of sweets available on this website, and our vast range of gluten-free sweets include American Hard Gums, Funky Fruits, gummy pick n mix sweets and most of […]

Does popcorn have gluten?

Does popcorn have gluten?   The majority of popcorn does not have gluten. Corn does not contain gluten, and this is the main ingredient of popcorn. For those with celiac disease, corn is frequently suggested as an alternative to wheat, and the majority of people who are intolerant to gluten can enjoy products made of […]