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Can you still get pick and mix?

Some of the UK’s biggest retailers have discarded their unwrapped pick n mix sweet displays following concerns over coronavirus safety.

Tesco will no longer be selling unwrapped sweets, and rival Morrisons now sell mini 50g bags of pick n mix sweets. 

Wilko has also temporarily axed its pick and mix range, saying they plan to switch to pre-packed tubs of sweets. This has raised fears that the way we buy pick and mix sweets may have changed forever. 

Whilst it appears some social media users have welcomed the changes, others haven’t been so receptive, saying, “Aw not the same,” while another shopper said: “And how many people are opening the drawers to get the sweets?”

Tesco introduced the wrapped pick and mix in May, and it is currently available in 700 stores. A large sharing cup is £4, whilst a medium cup will set you back £3. They also sell a 100g bag for 85p.

Morrisons customers can only buy 50g bags of the sweet they want, and then they have to fill a cup or bag with these mini packs.

These changes have been implemented in all 188 Morrisons stores that have pick and mix.

Although the major high street supermarkets no longer sell pick and mix,  there’s no need to worry. Candy Collections pick and mix range comes to the rescue. With over 140 choices to add to your pouch there’s definitely something for everyone.