Pick N Mix Sweets

Choose from the selections available to build your own pouch.

We have sizes from 300g upto 1Kg and you can select from a choice of standard pick and mix pouch, Vegan mix pouch or choose a Gluten Free pick.

If you need any help with your selection then please feel free to contact us.

Pick and mix sweet shop

We have a great range of all your favourite pick n mix sweets including retro sweets, fizzy, sour, fruity and chewy, so there is something for everyone.

From the old classics such as shrimps, foam bananas and candy sticks (formerly known as sweet cigarettes) to jelly snakes and fizzy dummies.

With our online sweet shop you’re free to choose as many of your favourites as you like. Simply add the required number of pick a mix 50g portions to your pick n mix pouch for a truly bespoke sweet bag.